2016 Personal Property and Real Estate Taxes are now delinquent


With the new tax package passed by Congress and signed by President Trump, federal income taxes will begin to limit the amount of state and local tax payments that can be deducted to a $10,000 cap beginning in 2018.


The question has been raised by some taxpayers would a pre-payment of the 2018 taxes (property and income) before the end of 2017 allow those tax payments to be deducted without the cap which goes into effect on January 1, 2018.


Under A.C.A. 26-35-501, Arkansas law articulates that property ad valorem taxes shall be due and payable on and from the first business day in March to and including October 15, and thus does not allow a provision for the prepayment of taxes.


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Voluntary Taxes

Do you have questions about the new “Voluntary Animal Control Spay/Neuter Tax“?  Visit our voluntary tax page for more details.





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