Your Tax Dollars


How Are My Personal Property Taxes Calculated?


Pulaski County residents are required to give an appraisal of personal property by contacting the Pulaski County Assessor from January 1st to May 31st every year. Failure to do so will result in a 10% assessment penalty of the total assessment.


Your ad valorem (Latin for “according to value”) general taxes are billed one year behind and are calculated by multiplying the “taxable value” (20% of the appraisal value established by the Assessor) times the millage rate (a mill is 1/10th of a penny). Click to view the 2023-2024 Millage Rate Chart.


There are also city liens, sanitation fees, and special improvement district taxes that are billed separately and must be paid before or with your ad valorem taxes. These taxes are also not eligible for any tax exemptions.


What Services Do My Tax Dollars Fund?


Public Schools

City and County Services-Law Enforcement, Jail, and Government

Road and Bridge Services


Children’s Hospital

Where Exactly Do My Tax Dollars Go?


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Little Rock
North Little Rock
Rural Pulaski County


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