What is Our Mission?

Your tax dollars are used to fund community entities such as our public schools, law enforcement, roads, and Arkansas Children’s Hospital.  Our mission is to streamline the billing and collection of property taxes and to do so effectively and efficiently with exceptional customer service.  We are committed to serving the citizens of Pulaski County, so please Contact Us with any concerns of feedback. 


What Do We Do?

We collect personal property taxes, as well as municipal, county, school, and special improvement district taxes.  We receipt those county tax collections, county turnback funds (county and municipal aid), federal matching funds, state aid to school district funds, and revenues from other taxing units of the county.  The money is distributed to various county and school district funds. 

We also prepare a list of delinquent property taxes for newspaper publication. Any real estate parcels that are delinquent for more than 2 years are certified to the Arkansas Commissioner of State Lands. 

We keep an accurate, detailed account of receipts and disbursements.  Click here to view all of the Treasurer’s Reports for the Quorum Court on the fiscal condition of the county.


Pulaski County Treasurer

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