Substation Closure
  1. With County closure due to the pandemic, we had to be creative with ways to manage the administration of the property tax system — both collections and assessments.


a.  We have been able to collect taxes through mail, drop box, credit card, e-check, and most recently in cash through an innovative process in partnership with our credit card vendor. Additionally, we have a short-term agreement with Centennial Bank to take payments in three of their branches.


b.  The Assessor has been able to perform assessments in a timely manner with little-to-no-turnaround time through the use of the online options and telephone assessments.



  1. We had already recognized that substations were only handling about 20% of our business with 40% of our staff and we believe there is a more efficient and responsible use of resources.


  1. With effective customer service during a seven-month closure, we learned that it was possible to continue to provide extraordinary customer service.


  1. Technological advances have increased our ability to provide service to our customers remotely.


  1. We will continue to explore technological innovation to allow us to serve our customers even more effectively.
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